What’s your political ideology?

Classical liberalism mainly, with some caveats. I believe in much more liberty with a much smaller government, much less taxation for the middle and lower class, stronger environmental controls, laxer gun control, strong property rights and equality under the law, and a few other caveats.

Though much of these policies require a more responsible, self-reliant population; where they have been tried they have given us the modern world, from Sweden to the United States.

How do you compile these sources?

I drummed up a quick Bash script to automate grabbing the link of a webpage and saving it to a file, then when I have some spare time I read through it on the side, whilst gaming usually. It’s a good way to spend the respawn time for maps like Dustbowl.

Why do you compile these sources?

These are issues I care about that I want to raise awareness for.

For example, there are plenty of human rights issues that simply aren’t seeing the light of day and are being allowed to fester and get worse. Bringing even a bit of light to these issues is what I seek to do with these pages.

This is especially true of men’s issues; as men are seen as oppressors due to feminist/“woke” ideology. Because ivory tower academics start off with conclusions then work their way backwards for evidence for said conclusions; many of these conclusions of which aren’t represented well in reality.

“Woke” activists are doing serious harm to human rights issues such as these, and they are immensely illiberal in every sense of the word.

That is the main reason I archive sources on “woke” activists. Another is because of how quickly most forget about much of the screwed-up stuff that many of these regressive individuals and institutions commit. It’s especially annoying when “woke” individuals gaslight others, claiming that these events did not happen.

There are other reasons for other research pages. For the Fake News page for example, I see them as something that is supposed to be a counter against authoritarian government. However modern media is anything but that. The modern mainstream media is largely not content with proper fact-checking, and often will be lapdog for authoritarian, wasteful government; not critical of it.

Worse still, some outlets not only engage in lying by omission for authoritarian government, but will outright lie about and smear opponents of said authoritarianism.

These incomplete lists serve to both highlight how repulsive these individuals are, and to also show that they have undeniable influence—something of which a lot of them continue to gaslight about to this day.

Why do you use a martini to represent the fake news category?

It’s a reference to this article: https://www.businessinsider.com/journalists-brains-function-at-a-lower-level-than-average-2017-5?r=US&IR=T

Why don’t you criticise X?

Likely because I either don’t know about it, or it already has plenty of attention paid to it by major outlets. Most importantly however, various regressive ideologies are well-represented throughout institutions such as college, major companies and even the government—this ideology is far more devastating to the average person’s liberty as well as their way of life.

Whenever I get this question, it is often a deflection away from this fact. This is evidenced by the fact that despite the institutional power of this regressivism, these same individuals who ask these questions never take issue with said institutional power of illiberal policies that they support.

They want you to criticize everything: your culture, your actions, your morality; all while they also criticize these things. But never for themselves, nor their unfounded, non-falsifiable ideology. It’s selective and performative.