What’s your political ideology?

Center-right liberalism mainly. I believe in much more liberty with a much smaller government, much less taxation for the middle and lower class, stronger environmental controls, laxer gun control, strong property rights, equality under the law, and a few other caveats.

How do you compile these sources?

I do it on the side every now and then while gaming. It’s a good way to spend the respawn time.

Why do you compile these sources?

I do it because it’s annoying how quickly most forget about most of the screwed-up stuff that individuals and institutions—especially those “woke”-aligned who have undeniable influence today.

Why do you use a martini to represent the fake news category?

It’s a reference to this article: https://www.businessinsider.com/journalists-brains-function-at-a-lower-level-than-average-2017-5?r=US&IR=T

Why don’t you criticise X?

Likely because I either don’t know about it, or it already has plenty of attention paid to it by major outlets. Most importantly though, various regressive ideologies are well-represented throughout institutions such as college, major companies and even the government—this ideology is far more devastating to the average person’s liberty as well as their way of life.

Whenever I get this question, it is a deflection away from this fact.

What is “Woke”?

In short, “woke” is a catch-all term referring to postmodern Social Justice. …