What is Wokeism?

I’ve described “wokeism” here, but in short it is a catch-all term for postmodernist neo-marxism; being an ideology that sees the world through that lens and uses examples it deems as “oppression”, “racism”, etc. to gain political power.

It is antithetical to liberal values, with subsets of wokeism such as Critical Race Theory even repudiating the liberal elements of the civil rights movement.

What is Regressivism?

Defining regressive before we start is a good idea. It can refer to anyone from the left or right-wing whose ideas would regress our society and make it worse. This is very subjective, however most would agree for example calling for discrimination based on racial/sexual grounds is regressive, as is pretending that everyone who fits a certain racial/sexual criteria is born with something akin to original sin is very regressive, and belongs in a different time. This is at the time of writing a prevalent thing on the authoritarian left (the more liberal left are fine); many of which reject liberalism & enlightenment values.

Because of this, along with the lack of attention paid to these bad actors I’m focusing solely on left-wing regressives within this page. Feel free to create your own article with examples of right-wing regressives, and let me know—if it’s well-sourced & archived, I’ll link to it below.

Why am I collecting this data? Chris Ernesto at St. Pete for Peace (who also has a great list) says ‘Because intolerance, rioting, bullying, sexual harassment, racism, tribalism, hyper-PC culture, identity politics, cultural totalitarianism, anti-Russia hysteria, virtue signaling, pop-up activism, hoaxes, and witch hunts are behaviors the left once opposed, and because free speech is something the left is supposed to stand for.  The current anti-Trumpism exhibited by the left is also shared by neoconservatives, the mainstream media and establishment politicians, all of whom the left traditionally denounces.  And since antiwar groups are generally labeled as being ‘on the left’, any oppressive behavior by others on the left reflects poorly on antiwar activists.’

Though I’m not fond of Trump for the most-part, I’d mostly agree and add on that I can see these examples disappearing into the ether in a few years, and I get the feeling that regressive-types will gaslight that these things did not happen (as some currently do). I continue to compile this list to demonstrate that:

  1. This isn’t the case, and that this form of regressivism/wokeism is represented in high positions such as academia, schooling, government institutions, etc.
  2. These people are doing serious harm to our society which is worth discussing, from raising racial tensions through dogma to calls for/celebrating violence or other harmful acts.
  3. “Progressive” is an inaccurate front—and doesn’t accurately describe the actions of those who claim to be such. It is also a very vague term, compared to terms like social liberal, classical liberal, socialist, etc.

Throughout these sorts of articles, no screenshots will be used as sources. Screenshots can easily be faked, as well as logs (unless they are confirmed by someone within the conversation who wouldn’t be biased, but even then you should be skeptical of screenshots/logs). I will be linking articles & archives of articles in case they change or are removed. In the case of a regressive article promoting regressive values I will be linking instead to archived versions of the article because I don’t think it’s right for them to get ad revenue for that.

I will also be including articles from trustworthy left & right-wing sources as much as possible. If you see a few right-wing articles, it may be because left-wing outlets haven’t covered that topic and vice versa.

Feel free to send more examples my way via my Twitter. Also consider bookmarking this article (Ctrl + D) as it’s an ongoing article which will be updated when I get the time to do so.


Regressive Discrimination, Segregation, Race-Baiting, Bigotry of Low Expectations, etc.

Discrimination & Calls for Discrimination


BBC, a publicly-funded organisation, discriminates against white people in many of their internship offerings: ( ( ( (

It has racially & sexually discriminated multiple times now, even admitting it as “positive” discrimination: (

CBC put up a job offering discriminating based on race and against women: (

HuffPo publishes faked article asking “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?”: (

‘What a shocker… there’s ONE black person there and sure enough they have him standing right next to the mic like a manipulated prop. Way to go @SenatorTimScott’ – Huffington Post’s Andy Ostroy obsessing over Tim Scott’s race to attempt to paint Republicans as racist; when Tim Scott helped write the bill, hence why he was standing there: ( (

Ironically this man tweeted a few days later: ‘Racists just hate being called racists, and when you point out their blatant racism they call you a racist’. Probably not wise to take your advice from racists like Andy Ostroy who think that the only reason a black man would be in a signing ceremony for major legislation is because he’s a prop, not because he’s a major contributor to such. The bigotry of low expectations is very common within this crowd: (

Much like Richard Spencer, CNN’s Sally Kohn calls for people to vote for officials based on their race: (

Ben Shapiro makes this connection; ‘Pretty sure Richard Spencer could supply you a list of all the white men, too, so you can vote based on immutable characteristics rather than qualifications’: (

Kohn attempts to justify this hypocritical racism of hers: (

Shapiro rightfully points out that Kohn is judging candidates based on their race whilst claiming that white people can’t be diverse: (

She excludes Republican black women however. Ideological diversity isn’t that important to her: (

Regressive outlet CNN is sued by over 200 ex-employees for alleged racial discrimination, again: ( (

Progress Online promotes gender quotas which require enforcement of inequality of opportunity from the government: (

The Guardian also promoting gender discrimination: ( (

‘The Grammys Diversity Triumph: No White Guys in Album of the Year!’, in the category ‘FINALLY!’: (

‘Photo shoot sends powerful message: ‘Black women are beautiful in every, shape, color, and size’ ‘ – Yahoo: (

‘Diversity Isn’t “Being in the Room” — It’s Whites Giving Up Their Seats’ – PhillyMag: (

‘The cast of Black Panther is hella diverse’ – NowThis: (


Others Calling for Discrimination

The “Progressive Stack” is a mechanism of which to group people in accordance to their race/sex and other characteristics which they cannot change, rank these groups and then give supposed ‘marginalized voices’ the platform. These are extremely subjective, hence why they constantly group men above women in this stack.

Intro to the “progressive stack”, from a “progressive”:

Wikipedia article on it:

Laurie Penny supports this concept, as do many other regressives: (

‘Starting in 2019, if Your Film Isn’t Diverse, It Won’t Be Eligible for a BAFTA Award’: ( ###institutional regressivism###

SAG Awards Will Ban Male Presenters for 2018: ( ###institutional regressivism###

BLM segregating/banning white people: ( ( (

Apple’s Diversity chief out after outcry: (

Github obsesses over Diversity, which in this context is a synonym for racial/sexual discrimination: (

Discord on Diversity: (

Regressive Activist Shaun King claims ‘It’s time for Black owned sports teams and Black owned sports leagues.’: (

Note the racism from King’s followers, which is commonplace. For example “Kno”, a songwriter (who, like many on this list, is verified) focuses solely on race in response to someone elses argument and claims that this person isn’t black — when it’s irrelevant to the conversation:

YouTube Hiring for Some Positions Excluded White and Asian Men, Lawsuit Says: (

Government, Government Officials & Other Political Institutions

Affirmative Action, a government program (also in place at many Universities), routinely discriminates on the basis of sex & race. This is sexist/racist to the individual who may otherwise have gotten the position if he/she were the “right color”, but it’s also a classic example of regressives having bigotry of low expectations towards these groups: (

Minorities and women get heavily favoured in top university admissions at the expense of white & Asian people: (

‘Law should be changed to require schools to interview black teachers’: (

Clinton campaign’s John Podesta claims ‘Reed’s lists are still too big, too undifferentiated too white and too male.’ as if race and sex should be a determining factor in regards to positions of power rather than experience, certifications and merit: ( (

London’s cycling chief (yes, that’s a thing) claims that London cyclists are ‘too white, male and middle class’: (

Labour ironically bars white men from attending equalities conference: (

‘Labour prepared to introduce judge quotas to achieve balanced judiciary’: (

Bigotry of Low Expectations

Regressives at Berkeley talking about why they’re against “Voter ID”, with one stating ‘I feel like they don’t have the knowledge of how, of like, the knowledge of how it [the Internet] works’ @ 1:01 and another claiming that black people don’t have access to the Internet:

This aligns with research on the topic, with supposed “liberals” (here being used in the American sense to represent the left-wing) being more likely to present as less competent when talking to black people; essentially talking down to them:

Affirmative Action, and general quotas mentioned above are also examples of this where woke activists believe that certain groups are less capable of achieving certain positions and need a white knight such as themselves to save them.


Massive list of race-baiting here, from people who fake hate crimes in order to prop up a narrative of victimhood:

Also consider checking out the Fake News research page, which has plenty of examples of racism & race-baiting from news outlets.

Discrimination & Segregation at Universities


Ivy-league universities such as Harvard discriminate against Asian-Americans because of their higher achievement on average: ( (

Massachusetts Senate votes to kill Due Process in campus sexual assault tribunals: (

US Federal government awards more than $13 million in grants to colleges to promote diversity in nursing field, via the Nursing Workforce Diversity (NWD) program: ( (

Harvard University

Professor calls for racial discrimination in higher ed to ensure that enough minority students are accepted:

This is similar to what Harvard, Yale and other Universities did a few generations ago for Jewish people who they deemed “overrepresented”:

Also, from the sourced article: ‘On 25 April 1933, the Nazi government introduced a 1.5 percent quota for new admissions of German non-Aryans, essentially of German Jews enrolling to German high-schools and universities’.

Kent State University

‘Conservative student assaulted during ‘change my mind’ event’: (

Video of assault: — assault happens, unprovoked, at 13:22

Evergreen State College

College melts down over plan for white people-free day on campus: ( (

University of Ontario Institute (Canada)

Supports equity which requires discrimination based on race/sex: (

Posters put up in relation to this: (

Note how this poster ignores “Asian privilege” by their standards as well as socio-economic privilege.

Oxford University (UK)

‘Oxford college bans ‘harmful’ Christian Union from freshers fair’: (

‘Oxford Uni must decolonise its campus and curriculum, say students’: (

‘Stale’ Oxford starts replacing portraits of dead white men with women, black and gay people: ( (

Goldsmiths University (UK)

Bahar Mustafa ‘was accused of racism for asking white men not to attend a students’ union meeting intended for ethnic minority and “non-binary” women’ (that’s a nice way of putting it — she explicitely said ‘NO WHITE-CIS-MEN PLS.’ on a poster. Imagine that for any other demographic): (

Like many in these list, Bahar Mustafa is a blatant liar. She claims ‘My politics are intersectional, queer, feminist, anti-racist … I am a working class, Turkish Cypriot, queer, disabled woman and activist.’, however these actions are blatantly racist and sexist.

She claimed ‘I am a working class’ woman, but she lives in a £450,000 house: (

Her department also received £600,000 in public cash annually: (

After being accused of bullying and instigating fights towards Elected Student’s Union President Adrihani Abd Rashid, she resigned from her position: (

Bahar Mustafa tweeted ‘kill all white men’, which was subsequently investigated by the police: (

Throughout a debate on “trigger warnings”, Mustafa resorts to shaming-tactics, buzzwords, labels and emotional rhetoric devoid of arguments. The statistics presented (for example 1 in 4 at about 34:10) have been shown to have incredibly questionable methodologies:

Hampshire College

Classes were cancelled for a day to force students to attend a “diversity” conference on “anti-racism” and “social justice”:

A “controversial” pro-gun event was cancelled at the last minute: (

From the above article:

‘Shannon Seigal, the group’s president, worried that promoting gun rights for women would not address the “patriarchy” and the “decades long misogyny” that causes violence against women.

“Men are predominantly the perpetrators behind violent, physical attacks and sexual assaults against women, gender minorities, and people of color. These groups of people already face systemic forces of oppression that strip them of their legal power, their voice, and their right to exist,” Seigal told Campus Reform, saying that arming “these groups of people with firearms does not get at the root of the problem,” which she believes is “the misogyny and centuries-long patriarchy.”’

Columbia University Law School

Professor discusses ways in which private colleges can ban speakers that students find “threatening”. Which today means anything disagreeing with them:

University of Oregon

Professors at University of Oregon are upset with conduct violations being handed to student protesters who disrupted a speech by the school’s president:

University of Oregon President Michael Schill’s speech on a $50m donation and how the school would spend that money was interrupted by regressives who stormed the stage with a megaphone and cardboard signs, chanting and shouting about “fascist propaganda” as well as tuition costs:

President Michael Schill wrote an op-ed in The New York Times pointing out the hypocrisy with these students, that their approach of shutting down speech “is awfully close to the language and practices of those the students say they vehemently oppose”, and that he was (rightfully) offended that these students would compare the institution he leads to fascists when members of his own family were thrown into concentration camps and murdered by the Nazis during the holocaust:

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Campus recognition & admission denied to Turning Point USA at UWSP, after students claimed without evidence it was a “hate speech group”: ( (

Credit where it’s due, this was overruled by the UWSP administration who saw through what these students claimed: (

Lone Star College-Tomball

‘Conservative student at Lone Star College-Tomball claims that administrators revoked his “academic excellence” award in retaliation for his exposure of anti-conservative bias on campus’:

Georgetown University

‘Student group bars white ‘allies’ from forum on arming police’:

University of Washington

‘Student arrested after dousing College Republicans with paint’:

Santa Monica College

‘College tells students to report ‘hate speech’ to police’:

University of Texas at San Antonio

Leftists call cops to report conservative free speech event’:

Cornell University

‘student gov refuses to outlaw political discrimination’:

Barnard College

‘Barnard student petitions against ‘Eurocentric literature’’:

Scripps College

‘Scripps hosts ‘no whites allowed’ pool party’:

California State University Fresno

hosted blacks-only student retreat—to promote “inclusion”: (

Brookdale Community College

Professor shouts “f— your life” at student after he ‘contended that sexual abuse was not a problem exclusively dealt with by women, and that men can be affected too’:

California State University Los Angeles

Offered segregated housing to shield black students from ‘microaggressions’: ( (

University of Ottawa

Yoga Class suspended due to ‘cultural appropriation dispute’: (

Tufts University

A few students at Tufts University including one called Ana Manriquez are terrified of Ben Shapiro (a 5′ 9″ Jewish conservative pundit), and lie about the things he believes in to stop him from speaking at the university: (

University of Tennessee

Three professors at the University of Tennessee infantilise minorities by claiming colleges should rename controversial monuments as they cause “psychological harm” to them:

Pitzer College

Student at Pitzer College writes an op-ed whining that outdoor clubs at Claremont are too white:

Claremont College

Regressive black students at Claremont College want race-segregated housing: (

The college rightfully denounced this, however no disciplinary action was taken: (

King’s College London

Top UK university, King’s College London to swap portraits of white scholars with wall of “diversity” because of insecure students who feel intimidated: (

Brown University

Brown University offers segregated student dinners for black & muslim students: (

University of Texas

White inventor of ‘white fragility’ tells University of Texas “whites must stop becoming teachers”: (

Also talks about “women’s suffrage” today in terms of representation whilst ignoring the vast over-representation of men in disgusting jobs like sewage disposal, sanitation work, etc, suicide, homicide victims, underfunding for their issues, etc. It’s essentially a massive lie by omission made for political power.

University of Akron

‘STEM prof proposes discriminating to boost female students’ grades’:

Marquette University

‘Prof [at Marquette University] says individual rights fuel ‘capitalist violence’’:

Brooklyn College

Math professor at Brooklyn College racistly claims that meritocracy is a ‘tool of whiteness’: (

Kellogg Community College

Student gets arrested at Kellogg Community College for handing out US Constitution on campus: ( (

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie only seeking racially visible, Indigenous candidates for senior job’: (

‘When issues of especially equity, diversity and inclusion come up, it’s really great to not have to explain where I’m coming from or where students are coming from — to really know that this person has an understanding of intersectional oppression and forms of oppression and how they manifest on campus,” said Abawajy, who also sits on the hiring committee.’

When woke activists use these terms, they use redefined versions of them watering down the original definitions—in this case, watering down oppression—by likening it to unimportant things such as microaggressions.

Chicago School of Professional Psychology

‘TA tweets about giving white students ‘a runnnnn for their grade”—also racially discriminating:


Safe spaces and segregation: (

Race-Baiting from Activists

Max Fisher attempts to connect the “reddit revolt” to racism towards the female non-white CEO of reddit: (

Suing over the Silliest Things

Pot plant on desk ‘was racial segregation’, claims Westminster Council worker: (


Regressive Violence, Calls for Violence, Criminals, Harassment, Paedophiles, Torturers, Etc.


Disabled white teen in Chicago is kidnapped and tortured, whilst the 4 perpetrators livestream the 4-5 hour-long event. They batter, hurl abuse, scream about Donald Trump, intimidate the boy with a knife, get him to drink from a toilet and more (worth noting that this had no official ties with Black Lives Matter, which was wrongly perpetrated by social media. They did spout similar rhetoric to regressive-types, but nothing to do with BLM): (

Young man’s skull fractured with bike-lock by regressive professor Eric Clanton:

Yvette Fararca

Is a militant national organizer of “By Any Means Necessary” (BAMN), a group identified by the FBI in 2002 as ‘thought to be involved in terrorist activities’: ( (

Considering this, it’s interesting (and incredibly ironic) that she was for a long time a teacher (of social studies) at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School: (

Interview between her and Tucker Carlson on Fox, with video of her along with another BAMN member assaulting a man she deems to be a “fascist”:

Calls for violence against people based on their views based on them allegedly being fascists, a term of which she uses a lot where it doesn’t apply: (

Yvette Falarca has had a history of grooming students into her regressive worldview, then exploiting these students to bully the school board and others into compliance: (

These students of which defended her actions and demanded she be reinstated as expected, also shutting down the school board meeting regarding her being able to teach (she was put on administrative leave after a rightful backlash from parents): (

Interestingly, the Mayor of Berkeley Jesse Arreguin is friends with Yvette Felarca on Facebook:

He is also a member of BAMN’s Facebook group:

Shanta Driver

Founder of BAMN, an overview of which can be read here: (

A profile on Shanta Driver: (

Black Lives Matter

Before we start, I have a few sympathies with areas of Black Lives Matter’s goals. They have a very important, solid point when it comes to police brutality; that it has gotten worse over the years and is something to seriously consider. My issues with it are that members within it don’t police themselves, that crazies are well-represented within the movement and that they sometimes push disinformation which riles people up.

For example they’ll point to black people being disproportionately targeted by the police and sometimes the court bias, but don’t point to the fact that it’s far more disproportionately men who are victims of police brutality. Especially black men. Black women aren’t nearly as likely to be the victims of such. (for example, black men = 22% of police brutality victims, white men = 44%, black women = 1%, white women = 3%:

Interestingly, Treva B. Lindsey had the nerve to claim that BLM doesn’t focus enough on black women — despite them being incredibly underrepresented in the statistics (again, 1%):

The SayHerName movement comes to mind too, which focuses only on black female police brutality victims: (

Violent BLM Baltimore riots, property is smashed and people are intimidated:

BLM Ferguson rioters assault white people:–tzNw

BLM St. Louis protesters become violent:

Tweet from police in video, concerning rocks being thrown at police officers in St. Louis: ( (video:

Worth noting, as a tweeter in that archive says an old lady was trampled by these officers: (

Protesters from “Economic Freedom Fighters”, a “revolutionary socialist” political party in South Africa destroyed H&M stores because of a hoodie they deemed “racist”: (

The mother of the kid in this controversial H&M ad told the people calling this “racially insensitive” to ‘stop crying wolf all the time, unnecessary issue here’ and to ‘get over it’: (

Some woke activists have harassed her with racist names & other slurs: (

It was so bad that this family had to move house ‘for security’: (

Regressives taking credit for sabotage of various property damage some of which putting lives at risk. Some examples include sabotage of the Dakota Access Pipeline, banks, log loaders, relay bikes and various other things:

Regressives boasting about injecting hydrochloric acid into several drink products with the aim of replacing supermarket ones: ( ( – in Greek

Insurrection News loves the free publicity: (

T.J. Miller; comedian, (arrested for ‘battery of taxi driver over Donald Trump’ and accused of sexual assault) (

T.J Miller was also accused of sexual assault: (

T.J. Miller slams Silicoln Valley cast for not doing enough to stop Trump: (

‘Actor [T.J. Miller] Insists ‘Emoji Movie’ Will Fight Trump, Make Young People ‘Adopt Progressive Values’”: (

FeralAudio founder & CCO Dustin Marshall, accused of and admitted abuse:

Accusation: (
Admission: (

Twitter thread on this: (

‘damn, you guys should all commit suicide.’: (

‘i am still hopeful Donald Trump will have a nervous breakdown put a pistol in his mouth and blow his fucking brains out’: (

‘sucks that guy didn’t get to kill donald trump’: (

Tony Cárdenas, accused of sexually assaulting teenager: (

Supports racial discrimination: (

Top Khmer Rouge leader tells court he fought for ‘social justice’ (

Regressive gets “offended” over Hawaiian doll in Lyft, then threatens to get driver fired because he wouldn’t take it down:


Left-wing protester punches Sheila Gunn Reid, a news reporter:

Video of Antifa beating an old man: (

Antifa wannabe mooches around a gun store, thinks Gadsden flag is a Nazi flag, makes up a load of smears and throws bibles at the storefront:

Regressives threatened DC comics artist Ethan Van Sciver and when he didn’t capitulate, threw rocks at a comics store: (

Donald Trump Jr’s wife hospitalized after getting letter with white powder: ( (

Many Twitter accounts, including the official ‘Socialist Party of Great Britain’ victim-blamed this woman claiming ‘Disgusting people attract disgusting behavior.’: (

Man sucker-punches individual out of nowhere, then antifa lie claiming it was in self-defense: ##lying##

‘Berkeley task force blames conservatives for leftist violence’:

Victim-blaming minorities on campus?

California students turn violent during anti-gun rally:

Regressive screeches in woman’s face at protest, calling her a ‘f*cking c*nt’ because she likes Trump:

Regressive breaks window at Jordan Peterson speech, continues to thump on them @ ~41 seconds in:

More clips from this non-peaceful protest:

Protesters at McMaster University attempt to shut down Jordan Peterson speech:

Calling for Violence

‘I’m not wishing for it…but I’d be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted’ – Professor Rob Ranco: (—original tweet now deleted; archive still up.

Former Guardian writer Monisha Rajesh tweets “it’s about time for a presidential assassination”:

Missouri lawmaker wants Trump to be assassinated: (

Labour Activists threaten a Conservative Association dinner with bomb threats to the point that it shut down. MP Mike Wood posted: ‘Sounds like a good night for bomb scares. What about contacting the firms who supply this catering outfit? Lots of scope for a fun event’: (

Regressives mock victims of wildfire in Tennessee because they voted for Trump: (

Contributor to The New European, Mike Hind tweets about his hope for old Brexit voters to die from a “bad winter”, on Remembrance Sunday (fits best in this section): ( ( (

CNN’s Reza Aslan wishes Republican would get raped: (

Harassment & Dogpiling

Regressive Jamie Stevenson doxes and harasses family over a halloween decoration from her $750,000+ house). The guy apologised taking it down, not knowing it could be misconstrued, but regardless this woman posted a flier online labelling his family as racists whilst including their address: ( (

Antifa at Berkeley berates and throws eggs at homeless free-speech supporter: (

Sir Jaxton Wheeler along with many others dogpiled and harassed a woman to suicide because she chose not to have sex with him for a porn shoot as she was worried about potentially getting HIV as Wheeler does gay porn too: (

Sir Jaxton Wheeler then gaslights about this by saying ‘No one told her to do anything harmful to herself.’ when he even tweeted ‘The world is awaiting your apology or for you to swallow a cyanide pill. Either or we’ll take it’: – his lie – his tweet feed

Campus Republican group doxed by Antifa: (

Sexual Abusers

Don Hazen; former editor at AlterNet, a far-left/”progressive” blog (sexually harassed at least 5 former AlterNet writers and editors): (

Paedophiles & Paedophile Sympathizers

NeoGAF moderator threatens to ban a poster who was raped when she was 5-years old, for calling out paedophile sympathizers:


Moderators at NeoGAF changed the name of a user called “Titanoboa” to protect him from consequences after he admitted to torturing patients with politically “bad” opinions: (

Proof of name-change:


Regressive Justifications for/Being Okay With/Calling for Violence, Rape, Death, Disaster, etc.

Regressive Justifications

Black Lives Matter

‘BLM activist’ in a Harvard debate says ‘affirming black life means that white death has to occur’, ‘our argument is that white life is wrong’, ‘there is no ethical reason white people deserve to live’, ‘I don’t see why not. It’s ethical’ (in response to the question: ‘Okay so should [debate partner] kill himself?’), ‘Affirm your suicide. I mean, you know, it’s one little form. One little step in the right direction.’ and other musings about “white privilege”:

BLM promote killing cops:

Yusra Khogali, co-founder of Black Lives Matter tweets ‘Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today. Plz plz plz.’

BLM rep refuses to comment/acknowledge this tweet: (

Black Lives Matter chanting ‘What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!’:

Regressive Joy Reid was found to have posted a long series of homophobic blog posts from 2007 to 2009, for which she apologised: (

Tweets describing quotes from Joy Reid’s blog, along with the archive of it — ‘1/x From 2007 to 2009 @joyannreid authored a dozen homophobic posts not only attempting to out Charlie Crist as gay, she attacked & mocked him for being so. She repeatedly referred to him as “Miss Charlie” and tagged posts about him under “gay politicians.” (thread)’: (

‘3/x She makes a joke about John McCain “tapping” Crist, says Crist spent his honeymoon ogling male waiters and thinking about how he didn’t want to see his wife naked, and mocked Crist’s big gay wedding.’

‘6/x Joy writes a post on Crist under the tag “not gay politicians” and shares her awful opinions on gay men who get married.’

‘8/x Joy constantly refers to Crist mockingly as “Miss Charlie” and  insinuates that his marriage is a fraud to cover up his being gay.’

Direct archive link: (

Notice the embarassed Joy Reid apologists underneath this thread, who are covering for her homophobia. One apologist even claims in their bio to be ‘analyzing and refuting the inaccuracies against the lgbt community by religious conservative organizations’ — in other words, they’re defenders of LGBT people unless they happen to be left-leaning like Joy Reid is:

Hence why they never point out homophobes like the founder of “People for Bernie”, who tweeted homophobic jokes about Jared Kushner: ( ( (

Then in her defense after even more were uncovered claimed that hackers did it: (

Even the Daily Beast, who she used to work with, came to the conclusion that her and her cybersecurity expert’s hacking claims fall apart: (

Celebrity Bette Midler advocating violence against a senator, tweeting ‘Where’s Rand Paul’s neighbor when we need him?’, in reference to the neighbour who Rand Paul was beaten up by: (

Dan Arel also celebrated this, tweeting ‘it’s been a rough news days. so if you need a pick me up. here you go.’ and linking to an article titled ‘Sen. rand Paul’s injuries far more severe than initially thought’: (

DJ Ben Pearce jokes about sending a ‘cyanide egg’ to Trump, and asks ‘did you get it?’: (

‘Kick A Tory Day’: ( (

Bernie Sanders surrogate Jonathan Tasini celebrates Republican truck collision [‘Wow, btwn train full of Goopers hitting truck and this, God is working hard today to clean up the stink. Thank her. #TreyGowdy #goptrainwreck’]: (

Further joking ‘When a trash truck has to humble itself and devalue its standards #TrashTruck #GOP’: (

Article on truck collision: (

Stephen King also celebrated this tragedy, tweeting ‘A trainload of Republicans on their way to a pricey retreat hit a garbage truck. My friend Russ calls that karma.’: ( —also note the amount of regressives who have liked this tweet and joke about it in response.

‘Of COURSE sorry the truck driver died.’: (

By this logic when he got hit by a van in 1999 and ‘sustained broken bones in his right leg and hip, broken ribs, a punctured lung and a head injury’, was that karma too?: (

Calls for Assassination, Killing and Rape

i will be the one that assassinates donald trump #NetNeutality’ – Ty Parker: — interestingly, despite this deleted tweet he still kept his verification badge. This suggests that Twitter endorses these opinions, considering that they treat the badge politically.

An archive of his other odd tweets:*

CNN host Reza Aslan wishes rape on a US government official: (

‘I advocate that every gun owner be hanged.’ – Bart Hubbuch, verified account like many on this list: (

More angry responses from Bart:*

Jesse Farrar, former VICE writer (the article being ‘I Hung Out With Honey Boo Boo’s Mom at a Strip Club on New Year’s Eve’) says that ‘they should hold the conservative students heads under water until they stop breathing, instead.’: (

He also retweeted an email falsely claiming that the small government organisation “Turning Point USA” is a ‘white supremacist-support and associated’ organisation: (


California State University

‘Prof cheers death of Barbara Bush, then hides behind tenure’:

She avoided punishment for this. Professors have been fired for less:

Regressives Advocating for Removing Rights

National Post puts out an article called ”Weaponization’ of free speech prompts talk of a new hate law’, which claims that ‘the far-right has “co-opted” the issue of free speech, and their activism is not a principled defence of a Charter value, but “a sly political strategy to divide opponents on the left, humiliate them and cast them as hypocrites and unconstitutional, to clear a way for unconstitutional ideas’, even talking about how ‘There is even talk of resurrecting the defunct and much maligned ban on internet hate speech, Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.’: (


Regressive Snowflakes

Also consider checking out the University sections (soon to be moved here, when I have the time to). A ton of entries in these are also examples of snowflakes—spineless people being easily offended at incredibly insignificant things, usually because of their immensely privileged upbringings.

‘Don’t call us snowflakes – it damages our mental health, say young people’ – Olivia Rudgard, writer for The Telegraph: (

Audience at a Dave Rubin event shout and scream at him, even on things that they agree on:

For example when Rubin states that black people may not be able to afford lawyers because of their on-average lower economic status.


California State University

Los Angeles’ Professor Melina Abdullah of “Pan-African Studies” talks about how her students were “traumatized” because Ben Shapiro, a conservative Jewish pundit was allowed to speak on the campus. She also likens him to the KKK:

University of Connecticut

Offered counselling for those who find conservative viewpoints hurtful and uncomfortable: ( (

University of Berkeley

Also offered services for students if ‘they feel ‘threatened’: (

State University of New York-Oswego

‘Students ‘deeply hurt’ by criticism of liberal intolerance’:

‘SUNY repudiates coddling of students ‘deeply hurt’ by speech’:

University of California-Los Angeles

‘UCLA to host ‘healing retreat’ for ‘social justice’ advocates’:

University of New Hampshire

‘Protesters nearly derail Dave Rubin speech at UNH’:

Seattle University

‘Students demand ‘space for healing’ over drag show photo’:


Justin Trudeau’s Mum says she dreads ‘bullying’ attack ads against her son: (

‘Im offended by how unfunny this is. It’s just so incredibly not funny. It’s not offensive. It’s just embarrassing that so many people felt comfortable liking or RTing this.’ – Katie Halper, Salon writer being triggered over someone making a joke about Bernie Sanders: (

Hordes of Jeremy Corbyn supporters storm a tweet by Alan Sugar making fun of Corbyn and his propensity to side with extremists. They screech that this is a hate crime (hate crimes suddenly can affect white men?), that they’ve reported this to the police and that this is unacceptable and should be removed immediately with an apology: (

Asa Winstanley, “UK-based investigative journalist” claims that this joke ‘is beyond libel: it’s actual incitement to violence’. The point of the joke also went right over his head — the point of which was making fun, again, of Corbyn’s tendency to side with communists, terrorists and other extremists. Odd, for an ‘investigative journalist’: (

Marxist Labour MP John McDonnell claims that ‘now is the time to learn from each other and unite people’: ( — convenient, considering he wouldn’t be saying this if the roles were reversed—if a Conservative had sympathies with Nazis, finding them often in his/her rallies and Labour supporters were joking about that with memes.

This is a way to distract from the point of the joke. Consider seeing the section on Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell later on this page, especially the part where Jeremy Corbyn is caught campaigning with a former neo-nazi in Milton Keynes.

MP Dawn Butler reported this tweet too because it was ‘offensive’, because it was mocking Labour’s incompetence at rooting out antisemitism: (

Regressive Hypocrisy, Lying, Smearing, Sliminess

Collection of fake hate crimes, where regressives have invented problems presumably because they wanted them to exist:


Mike Stuchbery tweets ‘Kill Whitey’: ( ##Calls for violence##

Mike Stuchvery tweets ‘A call to genocide is a call to genocide, no matter if he’s trying to be edgy. We live in a world still populated by Holocaust survivors, and decades of work have been done to prevent something like that happening again. Hate speech needs to be deterred.’: (

Movies like Dunkirk are criticized for ‘lack of gender and racial diversity’ even when it’s historically accurate: ( (

NowThis, a very popular outlet, claims ‘the cast of Black Panther is hella diverse’: (

‘We need the government (which owns everything) to redistribute the wealth as we see fit!’

‘Business owners redistributing tips as they see fit is ‘CLASS WARFARE’ ‘: ( ( – From “U.S. Democratic Socialists” with 5 million+ following ( ( – Shared by “The Other 98%” with 5 million+ following

As Nathan points out: ‘Allow the Government to pool incomes, redistribution as the state sees fit, and the majority of the money funnels its way into the pockets of politicians and their donors.’, if we’re talking about the more commonly defined form of socialism rather than the definition.

Roseanne Barr tweets two tasteless, racist jokes years apart about Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice: (

‘Ben Carson is a monkey of the porch variety.’ – Monique Judge, The Root writer: (

Ironically this same person had the termity to say ‘Oh, you are just now finding her statements offensive? I’m disappointed in YOU.’: (

Where’s the similar anger from these same groups for other things on this page? Or are we giving people passes on their racism/sexism/bigotry because they happen to be a certain color or have certain political stances?

Samantha Bee calls Ivanka Trump a ‘feckless cunt’: (—note how this article treats her slurs in a different way, for example with the title ‘Samantha Bee Tears Into ‘Feckless C*nt’ Ivanka Trump’ and tag ‘DAMN’. The article also doesn’t focus on these comments, which would be very different if these comments were aimed at a “progressive” woman in power—for example Michelle Obama back when Obama was president.

Trump allegedly says ‘Why do we want all these people from ‘sh*thole countries’ coming here?’, which upsets many including regressives who claim that he’s being offensive and that these countries aren’t ‘sh*tholes’: (

No outrage over Sally Kohn saying ‘Trump is kicking 200,000 Salvadorans out of the United States and forcing them back to a gang violence-ravaged and impoverished disaster zone’, basically calling El Salvador a sh*thole: (

Conan O’Brien protests Trump allegedly calling Haiti a ‘sh*thole’:

Conan O’Brien has commented on Haiti’s garbage problem saying ‘Haiti, you just celebrated 200 years of independence. Congratulations. Now make a wish and blow out your burning pile of tires’: (

After thoroughly losing a debate on Channel 4, Cathy Newman feigns “victimhood” from “angry tweeters” who supposedly gave her abuse (none of which were proven to exist), even calling in “security experts” (if these threats were credible, wouldn’t you call the police?), diverting the conversation away from her loss and onto said “victimhood”: (

No attention was given to the numerous “angry tweeters” who disagree with Peterson, saying things like ‘Standing ovation for @cathynewman who is interviewing an oceangoing dickhead on #C4News and hasn’t yet punched him’: ( ##Hypocrisy##

Joy Reid claims that the media is biased in favor of Republicans, despite the media predominantly leaning left: (

Joy Reid also smeared conservative writer David French by suggesting his article was motivated by racism: (

Worth noting that this is the same Joy Reid who was found to be a homophobe on her blog back in 2007-2009.

‘This is ridiculous. It’s about views he expressed as little as a year ago. The views either bring the office into disrepute or they don’t. There’s no hedging here.’ – Labour MP Lucy Powell on naughty online tweets from Conservative: (

‘Good for @MrBrendanCox – reflecting and taking responsibility for past actions. Read his full statement not just the headlines.’ – Also from Labour MP Lucy Powell, but this time on the alleged Labour sex pest Brendan Cox: (

Article on this: (

Regressives dogpile business that doesn’t serve gay couples wedding cakes, because if you’re open for business you have to serve everyone with the exact same service despite what you think.

Regressives also think that Facebook, YouTube and other social media should be able to discriminate against conservatives as they’re a private company.

Labour is against ID checks with voting as  it’ll supposedly ‘make it much harder for people to vote—and it will disproportionately affect people who are young, disabled, elderly, homeless, trans, or from minority ethnic communities’: (—as if these groups would struggle to get some form of ID if this were true? Plus, who doesn’t have a form of ID?

But they’re fine with it for their meetings: ( (

Why are you excluding the young/disabled/elderly/homeless/trans/ethnic minorities, Labour?

David Hogg “challenges” Alex Jones (without including his twitter handle in the conversation) to a debate: (

After Alex Jones agrees to have him on for this debate, David Hogg gives a half-assed excuse for not coming on: (—why would anyone be scared of showing up conspiracy theorist Alex Jones? And why spout your mouth about without tweeting at him? This was arguably David Hogg grandstanding, then lacking the spine to follow through with his challenge—much like Cameron with Kashuv a month or so later.

CNN’s Joan Walsh “bullying” a mass-shooting survivor: (

Bart Hubbuch, a verified Twitter account bullies Kyle Kashuv tweeting ‘Clarence Thomas is a piece of shit. Fuck him, and fuck all you gun-humping imbeciles, too.’: (

Max Fawcett, an Alberta government official bullies a school shooting survivor with a sexually suggestive term (‘cuckservative’) and suggests he’s ‘so fragile!’: (

Funny, considering he deleted his Twitter profile after calling others fragile: ( ##Snowflakes##

Interestingly, this tweet and its responses highlight what’s going on here—one set of stands applying to one and not the other. ‘One would think Ingraham would’ve had enough foresight to recognize going after teens who were victims of a mass shooting wouldn’t be great PR. One would be wrong.’—‘going after’ being responding to the arguments of said teens: (

The one-way outrage is proof that this isn’t real outrage from supposed “bullying”, but rather a means to an end; a means to manipulate people’s emotions and get  them to do what they want. It’s abusive, and will lead to more people being slaughtered.

Article on this:

Elizabeth Thorp, Senior Adviser for Planned Parenthood “bullies” Kashuv by tweeting ‘Hard pass, sweet girl. You can do better.’ in response to a girl interested in Kashuv: (

Kids have the mental faculty to determine their own gender and transition according to woke activists, but 18-year olds are too young to be exposed to Jordan Peterson: (

‘Science Says Men And Women Aren’t Really ‘Wired Differently’’: (—there’s an odd SWF download prompt with the Wayback Machine link; just cancel it.

‘You Should Know How The Male Brain Reacts To Handling A Gun’: (

Lack of diversity amongst regressives (usually I wouldn’t care about someone’s sex/skin color, but as regressives tend to obsess about this I have to point out the blatant lack of diversity in not just thought, but their genetic make-up—they’re mostly white men): (these are mostly in Arizona of all places — you’d think they’d have a bit more diversity there)

Buffalo DSA celebrating Stalin & Mao, two communists who mass-murdered countless millions of individuals: (

DSA caucus joking? about murder: (

DSA caucus thinks ‘the free market is a cancer’ and ‘should be overthrown’: (

Librarian Who Rejected Melania Trump’s ‘Racist’ Dr. Seuss Books Celebrated Seuss’s Birthday In Costume: (


Southern Poverty Law Center smears men’s rights activists with Elliot Roger, providing no proof whatsoever of him even knowing of their existence (because it doesn’t exist, this lie was first perpetuated by a contributor from DailyKOS. Elliot Roger was more of a “progressive” than an MRA, considering he was subscribed to “progressive” channels like The Young Turks. At the very least, this suggests incompetence and calls into question their credentials): (

Elizabeth Warren lies about her ethnicity for affirmative action & employment purposes: (


‘Guy who wrote the glowing profile of a Nazi shares the glowing profile of Shapiro. Go figure.’ – Parker Molloy, Writer for Upworthy: (

Parker Molloy tweets ‘NYT pandering to the absolute worst people on the planet.’ referring to young conservatives, then attaches a picture with the headline: ‘In America’s Heartland, the Nazi Sympathizer Next Door’, comparing Shapiro and other conservatives to Nazis: (

Also note the lack of examples of Nazism presented throughout this section. These people are playing identity politics rather than addressing the arguments Shapiro gives, instead attempting to link him to Nazis/Fascists which whilst ignoring the inconvenient fact that he’s Jewish and displays no Nazi characteristics. Ironically, he’s most-likely far less close to the Nazis than the people making these claims considering how authoritarian they tend to be.

“Secret Gamer Girl” attempts to convince his/her regressive fans that Erik Kain is supported by Nazis and that he’s a founding member of the alt-right (lol): ( (

Erik Kain responded with ‘Yeah, my pro-gun-control, pro-socialized healthcare, pro public education, pro gay marriage, pro immigration beliefs, and my votes for Gore, Kerry, Obama and HRC all really pin me down as an alt-right founder. What a f*cking lying hack. I’m blocking all these f*ckers’: (

Trudeau advisor labels critics of Justin Trudeau’s “peoplekind” comments as ‘alt-right nazis’: ( (

The “peoplekind” comment, that Justin Trudeau “mansplained” to a woman:

Sheila Gunn Reid points out ‘The PM’s chief advisor thinks our “alt right-Nazi friends” who are making fun of his boss for his #peoplekind gaffe include the person most frequently targeted by the internet alt-right, @benshapiro . Our national embarrassment continues.’: (

Natale Dante: (

Surprise, he’s a communist which is practically just as horrible: (

Dan Arel gets upset by people calling him ‘Comrade Starbucks’, and smears an ex-muslim as a Nazi without evidence: (

‘Here come the liberals, who sound exactly like the fascists.’ – Dan Arel again, in response to Matthew Chapman pointing out that ‘Most North Korean workers earn $3/month or less. Most North Koreans are denied health care unless they bribe doctors. North Korea has dozens of blacksite prison camps where dissidents have to hunch in cages.’: (

‘You seem like a white nationalist.’ – Dan Arel, calling Jewish man Ben Shapiro a white nationalist because he said ‘You seem nice’: (

Ben Shapiro was responding to Dan Arel tweeting ‘My mentions right now: triggered conservatives. [irony] Wait, that’s everyday. also, f*ck the US.’

‘the guy who makes videos for nazis in his moms basement is questioning the relevance of a well known atheist running for senate. classic.’, in response to Chris Ray Gun of all people (and to a fake account too): (

Dan Arel wrongly claims ‘Sargon is apparently very triggered by my social media posts. I see you, you Nazi loving fuck.’, which his followers gleefully accept because they disagree with his politics (which is funny, because people like Steve are far closer to Nazism than classical liberals are): (

Dan Arel also wrongly claims (bit of a trend) ‘Lauren Southern tried to actively kill refugees and @RubinReport is trying to get her Patreon reinstated. He’s Nazi f*cking trash.’: (

Dan Arel, again, ‘“i love america, i just wish it was more like Nazi Germany.” – classical liberals.’: (—when classical liberals & libertarian-types are espousing ideas that are counter to the collectivist ideologies of nazism & socialism.

There are plenty more examples from Dan here:*

Stop comparing Trump to South American dictators. He’s actually far worse.’: Ernesto Semán in the Washington Post: (

Christina Hoff Sommers, an equality feminist, has her lecture interrupted by a bunch of protesters at Lewis & Clark Law School who sing that she’s a fascist:

Al Sharpton, professional race-baiter, compared Bob Abrams (the attorney general of New York at the time) to “Mr Hitler” (

Other examples: —idiot comparing Ben Shapiro—a Jewish man who had people from both sides of his family die in the holocaust—to a white supremacist and to Hitler Youth. —woman claims Donald Trump is worse than Hitler. —protester calling Trump a fascist; doesn’t explain why.

Universities & Schools

Pomona College

‘Conservative prof labeled ‘Nazi’ on free speech wall’: — interesting bit of racism in this too, with a big message claiming ‘The YT [white] mind is weak.’

Columbia University

20 students storm library to denounce the school for giving a platform to conservative speakers who they claim without evidence are white supremacists:

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Former employee at the university Erwin Palma ‘targeted dozens of conservatives by publishing screenshots of their names and labelling them “racists.”‘

Regressives Saying or Tweeting Racist, Sexist or Bigoted Things

As stated above, I’m only naming prominent regressives here. Otherwise this list would be countless times longer.

Entitled regressives from “Black Lives Matter” scream right in Bernie Sanders’ face until he gives them the microphone, then declares support for Michael Brown, then makes a loud of unfounded racist claims such as ‘And we’re going to honor the fact that I have to fight through all these people to say MY LIFE MATTERS. That I have to get up here in front of a bunch of screaming, white racists to say my life fucking matters![9:18]’ eventually getting off the podium after about half an hour: (

Michael Brown was a violent bully who had just robbed a convenience store: (

‘Prof creates checklist for detecting white supremacy’: (—she’s being racist by claiming that meritocracy is a form of “white supremacy” because she’s (perhaps unintentionally) implying that white people have more merit.

‘I couldn’t identify as British and anyway most British people don’t accept us as British. God! British people can be so racist’ – Diane Abbott, British MP: (

the British invented racism’ – Diane Abbott at a black studies conference in Philidelphia: Page 97 from the book _No Such Thing as Society”:

‘blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls’ in her local hospital in east London were unsuitable as nurses because they had ‘never met a black person before.’ – Diane Abbott: (

‘Bringing someone here from Finland who has never seen a black person before and expecting them to have some empathy with black people is nonsense. Scandinavian people don’t know black people – they probably don’t know how to take their temperature.’ – Bernie Grant, former Labour MP: (

‘F*ck white people’ – Jack Moore, TV Writer, Contributor for GQ:

‘anyone else feeling triggered af at the mere sight/presence of white dudes, solo, but esp in groups? the panic & threat level is too real’ – Gabby Rivera, Writer: (

‘A year ago today, a racist apricot-hued asshole scammed his way to the White House…mostly, fragile white people in need of an ego boost. F*ck all of them forever.’ – Michael Arceneaux, Writer: (

‘Do y’all see us telling you which cousins to f*ck? No !! Cause that’s not our business’ – Jay Versace, YouTuber: (

‘yes I am racist! I hate white people!’ – Andy Cohen, Radio Host, Producer, Author: (

‘you’re a white guy who attributes his wealth to ‘hard work’ instead of ‘privilege’ and i hate you’ – Mira Gonzalez, some poet: (

‘f*ck white america. period’ – Christian Stone, Guitar Player: (

‘I still f*cking hate white people. Stop making kids. We need less white babies in the world. They end up stupid and bully-ish’ – Chris Burney: (

This is a gem too: (

‘All men are sexist the same way all white people are inherently racist. All of us benefit from a system of sexism.’ – Malcolm London, Poet & Rapper: (

‘F*ck white people and their f*cking guns and their bullshit gun culture and all of it.’ – Megan Romer: (

‘There’s some context to this old tweet that Nazi twitter dug up’: (

‘God, white people really are trash’ – M.A. Fortin, Writer: (

‘interracial dating is one thing. dating a white person is another.’ – Myles E. Johnson, Writer for Vice, New York Times, Mic and Qz: (

‘White men are cancelled’ – Jenna Amatulli, reporter for HuffPo:

‘Black Twitter is funniest twitter. And most enlightening Twitter. I recommend an “observe, like, and share” approach because we whites ruin things.’ – Melinda Byerley: (

‘White people were a mistake’ – Danny O’Dwyer: (

‘f*ck white america. f*ck white supremacy. f*ck white people. f*ck an inability to see beyond our own noses. and f*ck the faux concern for tragedies in the past while allowing them to continue in the present’ – Kevin Allred: (

‘white people are an embarassment’ – Marisa Kabas: (

‘the problem here, as everywhere in america, is that there still may be too many white people’ – Noah Berlatsky: (

‘That’s the world white people sh*t on.’ – Noah Berlatsky: (

‘can we please not have any more commercials with white people doing impossibly precious Christmas things for each other? this f*cking marionettes commercial makes me want to strangle someone.’ – Saladin Ahmed, Writer for Marvel Comics: ( ( (

‘hey @KelloggsUS why is literally the only brown corn pop on the whole cereal box the janitor? this is teaching kids racism.’ – Saladin Ahmed: (—This is the same guy who whined about a breakfast cereal with the only person who has a job being the darker-coloured corn pop

Worth noting that pre-Elon Musk Twitter endorsed these views, as they took away the verification badge based on people’s personal views that they disagree with. This has turned the badge into a staple of political endorsement instead of merely showing that you’re the verified public figure with that name. Lovely little double-standard that we’ve come to expect and tolerate from Jack and those like him.

This is odd, considering that whilst people with unpopular views have been unverified; terrorists still have a verification badge:

‘Smug nonsense like this almost makes me want to defend feminist dance therapy…’ – Richard Spencer, a white nationalist in response to ‘Want to close wage gap? Step one: Change your major from feminist dance therapy to electrical engineering. #NationalOffendACollegeStudentDay’: (

‘unlike republicans, who advocate peaceful ethnic cleansing’, a delusional Twitter user who got 1.1K likes for this tweet: (

George Takei claims ‘the NRA sells guns to Americans’: (

‘#MissUniverseCanada costume = delusional white people pride #canadianconstruct 😂😂😂 #whatculture?’ – Lido Pimienta: (

‘Is hot American Summer remake really necessary tho? All cast is white and ugly now…shit, Netflix NOOOOO! You know I love you but WHYYY???!’ – Lido Pimienta: (

‘What what is this “I hear dragons”?”lil dragons”?”trainingyourdragons”? What? ANOTHER all straight white rock band- another one…WHY???!!!’ – Lido Pimienta: (


‘If he can’t understand that “men are trash” is an anti-patriarchal movement that has to do with oppressive systems rather than each man personally he’s not the one for you’ – some writer for Affinity Magazine: (

‘Meet Taylor Swift and Logan Paul, the Aryan monarchs of today’s neo-Nazis’ – Sarah A. Harvard, writer for Mic: (

‘white people already ruined 2018’ – Sarah A. Harvard: ( — in response to one odd white woman cooking with her mouth.

‘There’s no other way of saying this, but Donald Trump supporters are the American Taliban.’ – Sarah A. Harvard: (

Sarah was also tricked into uncritically sharing a fake story: (

Sarah also frequently lies, for example, she has lied about going to Harvard:

A regressive incites targeted harassment and gets 1.5k+ likes, tweeting ‘TWITTER DO YOUR THING Let’s get this girl expelled. Email (UCF OFFICE OF STUDENT CONDUCT) and send them Kathy’s tweet, including the photos in her thread. Ignorance will not be tolerated on my campus.’ – @anotherarabb: (

This was in response to a woman tweeting ‘There’s a “try a hijab on” booth at my college campus. So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?’ along with a picture of the booth: (

Regressive Jeremy Lam engages in cultural segregation, claiming ‘My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress.’, gets 178,000+ likes: ( —bit of a self-entitled scumbag, considering he’s firstly claiming an entire culture is his—a culture he didn’t create—secondly he’s speaking on behalf of many Chinese people who likely don’t agree with him, and thirdly he’s dogpiling a young girl for her appreciating Chinese culture.

It also ignores that many Chinese people appreciated her wearing this dress: ( (

Speaking of which, he also tweeted ‘Toddlers speaking Chinese are way better than those white English speaking demons.’: (

Jeremy Lam is also a hypocrite, tweeting ‘I’m eating tamales with chopsticks. This is why America was founded’: (

‘Shut up slut.’ – Jeremy Lam: (

‘Whites CAN be oppressed, if theyre women or poor. They CANT be oppressed bc theyre white skinned.’ – Jeremy Lam: (

Jeremy Lam saying the n-word: (

Jeremy Lam spouting the f-slur: (

‘I got 99 problems and you can bet caucasity is all of em 🙄’ – Jeremy Lam: (

Dusty Smith claims ‘I have not seen a single liberal in my newsfeed that agrees wearing a Chinese prom dress is wrong in any way. Seems like it’s a silly manufactured controversy. Nutpick a few idiots & pretend like they represent a large group of lefties. Same shit every day.’, also suggesting ‘For all you know it could be one of the 2 billion Asian’s liking it.’: ( — Again, ‘Nutpick a few idiots’ is 178,000+ people. Not only this, but “cultural appropriation” is a Western concept, used by certain privileged Westerners to control others.

‘you can’t be racist to white people.’ – Dan Arel: (

‘Don’t tell that to the parents of the kids who got shot in Broward County today, sport.’ – Stephen King, in response to ‘You’re a hell of a lot more likely to be killed in FL by an opioid overdose than MS-13. But muh base.’: (

‘if bullying caused school shootings, you would see trans shooters, queer shooters, female shooters, POC shooters. bullying does not cause school shootings; entitlement does. and white boys are the most entitled demographic by far.’ ‘white boys have been promised wealth, power, and women-as-commodity in all forms of media since childhood. and when they don’t receive it, they react the way mass media has taught them: with glorious violence.’: ( – Eden Cheung

This ignores the black on black shootings from black men (murder rates of which are 3 times the rate of whites according to the FBI, so by this logic black men are more entitled) especially in the inner cities, and instead tries to pin it on something that ideologically fits with his foregone conclusion. It also ignores how many of these mass-shooters grew up in single-parent/abusive households; that of which is an actual problem that will continue to be ignored thanks to this delusional thinking of “entitlement” taking the center-stage. At least Cheung got the attention he craved.

Also note: ‘white boys have been promised wealth, power, and women-as-commodity in all forms of media since childhood.’ — by who, the mothers raising them? ‘and when they don’t receive it, they react the way mass media has taught them: with glorious violence.’—tired old argument that violence in the media such as video games leads to violence.

katvondawn, a woman claiming ‘Eskimo is a slur’ says to someone who clarifies the linguistic origins of Eskimo (contradicting what she said) ‘You’re white. Which automatically makes your reasoning irrelevant. Next!’: (—did she just assume their race? I’ve included this tweet because her original tweet had 33k likes.

She then plugs her PayPal after this: (—quoting someone else in the thread, it’s pretty much ‘I’m outraged about something. Pay me.’

Al Sharpton ‘complained about “the diamond merchants right here in Crown Heights,” a disparaging reference to the Brooklyn neighborhood’s Orthodox Jewish population.’: (

‘we will not stand by and allow them so that some white interloper can expand his business’ – Al Sharpton’s comments which lead a protester to burn the store down killing 8 people: (

More on this massacre: (

‘Dear white people- let’s get this straight. You can’t be victims of racism. Racism means that the whole culture, society, economy and much of what is considered law is against you because of your race. All of those things support white people. So stop claiming it, ever. Period.’—Josh Fox, oscar-nominated director of Gasland denying white people can experience racism: ( (

He then mass-responds to people with ‘You have X likes. All white people. See the problem?’—he assumed these people’s race, brought it into the argument where it doesn’t belong and then claims that white supremacist bots invaded the thread and mass upvoted those who disagree with him (because retweets aren’t a thing).

Politicians or Government Officials

‘Waaaah, waaaaaaah, waaaahhhh from an old white dude is all I hear’ – Dan Harris, Canadian politician of the “progressive” New Democratic Party: (



‘White people age like bananas’ – Affinity Magazine: ( Yes, they’re joking about the appearance of women with anorexia.

People at this site then had the gall to call Daily Wire racist without evidence: (

The Young Turks

The Young Turks puts out a poll with the question ‘Do you support a federal ban on assault weapons?’. It backfires, with 85% of people out of 664.6k voters voting “No”: (—an obvious attempt to push an agenda based on their audience, who are obviously going to be biased.

Occupy Democrats

Occupy Democrats puts out a picture meme with a quote from Chris Rock claiming something false; ‘Mitch McConnell is the richest senator in the U.S. Senate. Kentucky is the poorest state in America. They have voted for him 30 years in a row. Let that sink in.’: (

Article debunking this, showing that the richest senator is Mark Warner (D) estimated net worth of $238 million, Richard Blumenthal (D) with a net worth of $81.7 million, Dianne Feinstein (D) with a net worth of $79 million, Bob Corker (R) with a net worth of $69.5 million, Claire McCaskill (D) with a net worth of $60 million and more (at the time of writing): (


Institutional Regressivism

Robots being used to deter homeless from setting up camp in San Francisco: (

Californian lawmakers propose spending $1 billion a year on healthcare for people who are in the country illegally:$4.3-billion-in-new-spending?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=APWestRegion (

‘Rotherham researcher ‘sent on diversity course’ after raising alarm’ on Rotherham rape gangs: ( (

British Police Force considered charging people who mocked them for their policies on tracking down people who say naughty words on the internet:

London Underground scraps ‘ladies and gentlemen’ for “gender-neutral” greeting: (

‘Indigenous woman yells ‘I hate white people’ before punching white woman, but it’s not a hate crime [Canadian] judge rules’: (

‘Swedish police banned from describing criminals anymore in case they sound racist’: (

CNN enthusiastically promotes “White Nonsense Roundup”, a group of regressives who save minorities from having to argue their beliefs on social media: (

Biggest, richest coporations/businesses supporting “diversity” (diversity itself is not regressive, but when you have to discriminate in order to achieve it, it certainly is):

Shell: ( (

ExxonMobil: ( ( ( (

Walmart: (

Goldman Sachs: ( ( ( ( (


Yoko Ono claims she’s part of the 99%; ‘Remember we 99% are all together. We are peace and love. The other 1% is talking and acting loud. The battle at dawn is the fiercest, as they say. Let’s wait for the sunrise, together.’: (

Net worth: (


Regressive Insanity

Regressives scream at the sky on Trump’s election anniversary:

People becoming transabled by choice, for example pouring bleach into their eyes in order to become blind: (

Jeremy Corbyn, British Labour Party Leader

Openly endorsed Venezuela, saying ‘Chavez showed us that there is a different and better way of doing things. It’s called socialism, it’s called social justice and it’s something that Venezuela has made a big step towards.’: (

Venezuela as many predicted, a few years later suffered rampant inflation, mass misallocation of resources and the opposition being banned from running in 2018 election: (

Extreme rationing of things such as food, toothpaste, toilet roll, etc. have lead to people starving and experiencing a much decreased standard of living: ( — ‘A tube of toothpaste costs half a week’s wages ( — ‘as many as 85 of every 100 medicines are missing in the country’ ( — ‘Surveys estimate that 50 to 80 percent of food supplies are now scarce’, ‘Venezuela could face 720 percent inflation in 2016—the worst of any country in the world, per the International Monetary Fund’ & ‘toiletries are either scarce, or available on the black market at markups sometimes more than 10 times their price in government stores’

More praise of Venezuela: (

He finally broke his silence on Venezuela, but he still praised the system for its socialism which lead to a mass misallocation of resources:

Overviews of Venezuela from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch & Reporters Without Borders: ( ( (

‘Venezuela: Chavez’s Authoritarian Legacy’ from Human Rights Watch: (

Venezuela also recently declared October 25th as the “Day of Socialist Feminism”: (

The sentiment of which is shared by various members of his shadow cabinet, for example Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell claimed that Venezuela failed because it ‘took a wrong turn’ and because it didn’t go down the ‘socialist path’ ??????:

John McDonnell is also a self-described Marxist, something of which he’s lied about before: —Anna Soubry on Question Time, along with BBC call him out over this too. —Andrew Neil calling him out over Marxist claims

John McDonnell also received a special award from the Republican movement and Sinn Fein for his ‘unfailing political and personal support’. It was presented to him by Gerry Kelly, the Old Bailey bomber who killed 1 and injured almost 200: (

John McDonnell calls for insurrection:

John McDonnell calling Venezuela ‘socialism in action’:

Compilation of John McDonnell on slapping [‘sometimes you feel like physical force. You feel like giving them a good slapping’], spitting in tea [‘I make the manager’s tea, and I spit in it every day’], criminal acts [‘We will not allow those students who stormed Tory HQ to be left alone, to be made examples of, we support them!’], his joke on assassinating Thatcher [‘I want to say section Thatcher but I said assassinate Thatcher’]:

Full video on his Thatcher comments [note how Labour MP Angela Rayner laughed]:

Article on this: (

Shadow Cabinet minister Debbie Abrahams is grilled on hateful remarks John McDonnell has made + list of misogynistic comments a few Labour MPs have said [a small sample: one called a woman a ‘bitch’, another called women ‘slags’, one wanted ‘an orgy with Girls Aloud’]:

And this praise of Venezuela has also been parrotted by organisations sympathetic to Labour such as Oxfam: ( (

As well as various other prominent socialists, including Owen Jones, a fairly prominent socialist: ( (

Owen Jones attempting to defend this sickening regime through deflections:

Some have even congratulated the socialist dictator Maduro; the man who is part of a class who have screwed up Venezuela through their socialist policies and blatant incompetence, such as “DIE LINKE”, a german far-left socialist party: (

‘Labour avoided paying tax on £4.3 million worth of profits last year’: (

82% of Venezuelans now live in poverty, in this country that Corbyn a few years ago greatly praised for pulling off socialism: ( (

Venezuela has some of the most homicidal cities in the world, with Caracas placing 1st, Maturin 5th and Valencia 7th: ( (

Corbyn still refuses to condemn the socialist actions of his idols in Venezuela: ( (

Has given a job to person guilty of voter fraud: (

Upon the presentation of the Brexit technical white paper, his only criticism was that it didn’t contain anything about gender identity: (

Corbyn takes payment from and appears on Press TV, an Iranian state-controlled station linked to torture and was banned & fined £100,000 in the UK for its editorial decisions being made in Tehran: ( (

Corbyn praises Iran in 2014 for ‘tolerance and acceptance of other faiths, traditions and ethnic groupings in Iran’: (

Corbyn attended and spoke at numerous commemorations to honour IRA terrorists and held a high-level position (editorial secretary) at the far-left magazine Labour Briefing which controversially sympathised with the Brighton Bombing in 1984: ( (

Jeremy Corbyn campaigns with former neo-nazi who in the 80s ‘was second in command of a neo-Nazi group called the November 9th Society’, which according to the local paper would wear ‘Nazi-style uniforms’ and recruit ‘gangs of local youths to hand out racist leaflets and daub buildings with swastikas’: (

Pro-corbyn writer Marcus Chown claims ‘A govt doesn’t have “to balance the books”. It can create/”print” money. Merely has to avoid printing too much and triggering high inflation’: (

Diane Abbott, British MP

Diane Abbott won’t condemn John McDonnell [also in this section, above] over lynching MP joke:

‘Mao did more good than harm’ – Diane Abbott — Mao being a far-left dictator who killed countless tens of millions: (

Didn’t know how much her party’s own police policy would cost in a car-crash of an interview with Nick Ferrari:

Was clueless about Lord Harris’ report on improving response to terrorism in London in another interview:

Charged University of Birmingham £1,750 for a 50-minute speech: (

Supported the IRA, critising the Unionist population of Northern Ireland as an ‘enclave of white supremacist, ideology comparable to white settlers in Zimbabwe’: (

These are the same “white supremacist”, white settlers who, in the case of farmers, had their land confiscated by Mugabe’s government: ( ( (

‘White people love playing ‘divide & rule’ We should not play their game.’: (

Interestingly, she somehow didn’t commit a criminal offense when saying this online which calls into question the application of hate speech laws and if they only apply to certain groups of people: (

Diane wants white people banned from running for Labour in certain places. From the article ‘Labour should ban white candidates from standing for the party in certain constituencies, in an attempt to increase the number of ethnic minority MPs in parliament.’: (

Diane has a problem with Labour being supposedly ‘dominated by middle-aged white men’: (

Despite all this, Labour supporters are quick to call her detractors the racists:

Other examples of her racist bigotry can be found in the quotes section and below:

Bernie Sanders

Also, like Jeremy Corbyn, supported the socialist regime in Venezuela saying ‘These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who’s the banana republic now?’: (

Former spokesman for Bernie Sanders, David Sirota also wrote a praising article of Venezuela claiming that ‘his brand of socialism achieved real economic gains’ (when compared to other economic systems, far from it. Plus, practically all of these economic gains were from petroleum exports rather than specific policies by Chavez. In fact, it’s because of this reliance on oil coupled with the worldwide drop in oil prices that have lead Venezuela to ruins and socialist policies that gutted the economy did not help with coping with it): (

Article on this: (

David Sirota also penned up an article with the article ‘Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American’: (—as a heads-up, the first page tries to download two .swfs.

‘Hey Bernie, I left Venezuela’s socialism behind for a reason’: (

Was endorsed by Maduro, the socialist dictator of Venezuela who said on a televised broadcast ‘Bernie Sanders, our revolutionary friend, ought to win in the United States’, going on further to say ‘if the elections were free … Bernie Sanders would be president of the United States’: (

When he was called on his support of Venezuela, he backpeddled claiming ‘I’m not looking at Venezuela. I’m not looking at Cuba. I’m looking at countries like Denmark and Sweden’—two incredibly capitalist countries, that have much freer markets than the US and don’t have many of the laws he proposes such as minimum wage: (

Anecdotes of Venezuela: (—‘Caracas, la capital de Venezuela, sin luz, sin metro, sin efectivo, sin transporte, sin seguridad, sin navidades. Es el caos del socialismo, resultado de 18 años de corrupción’ translated to English: Caracas, capital of Venezuela, without light, without meter, without cash, without transportation, without security, without Christmas. It is the chaos of socialism, result of 18 years of corruption. (

‘Children Die of Malnutrition in Venezuela as Parents Scour Trash for Food’: (

New York Times on this: ( – from the article: ‘But as the economic crisis began to intensify in 2015 and 2016, the number of cases of severe malnutrition at the nation’s leading pediatric health center in the capital more than tripled, doctors say. This year looks even worse.’, ‘in our country it is directly related to the shortages and inflation’ and ‘The hospital is one of the few still accepting malnourished infants for treatment. Other hospitals often turn them away, telling desperate parents that they do not have enough beds or medical supplies to treat their children. Nearly all of Venezuelan hospitals report shortages of basic provisions like baby formula’. This is the same system that Sanders and Corbyn were praising a few years ago as being places where socialism and social justice work and it’s horrific that this system has failed yet again bringing misery, misallocation and death.

Bernie Sanders praises breadlines and food rationing because ‘in other countries people don’t like up for food, the rich get the food and the poor starve to death’: (

Full video:

Bernie has a history of supporting undemocratic initiatives done by undemocratic socialist regimes, for example Nicaragua, a frequent human-rights abuser: (

Bernie Sanders claims that letting people keep more of their money (taxes) is “looting”, then says that “history is not on your side” — ignoring that socialists have a strong history of looting and theft: (

His campaign lied about not benefitting from Super-PACs when he did: (

His voting record concerning military spending:

1993; Bernie voted for HR 2446 – adding $3.63 billion in spending towards military construction: (

1994; Bernie voted in favour of HR 4453 – adding more ($2.52 billion) for military construction: (

1998; Bernie voted for HR 2465 adding even more ($4 billion) for military construction: (

Continually calls Wolf Blitzer Jake Tapper:

Bernie Sanders is fined for illegally coordinating with Australian Labor Party: (


Dan Arel

’90 million Soviets, 100 million killed by Communism. I’m no mathologist, but….’: (—two things:

  1. What’s a ‘mathologist’?
  2. This is similar rhetoric to holocaust denialism. It ignores other communist countries like China, Cambodia, North Korea, etc: ( (

Dan Arel’s infatuation with communist dictatorships, and hatred of the US: (

More hatred of the US, blaming it—and not North Korea’s backwards communist policies—for its destruction, also claims that the US government abuses & oppresses its own citizens: (

‘So you are condemning the US then for starving, jailing, and enslaving it’s citizens at an even higher rate than the DPRK?’: (

Again, ignoring reality as the US has an obesity epidemic at the moment. Hardly ‘starving’, considering that more than one-third 36.5% of US adults have obesity): (

He has a bit of a point for ‘jailing’, as the US imprisons a lot of people; many for victimless crimes such as recreational marijuana. This is still not comparable to North Korea, in which people can be executed for watching South Korean TV shows, communicating with people outside the country, believing in a religion or attempting to flee the country.

‘Enslaving’ seriously demeans the word, considering how free the US and other Western countries are—even to this day.

Dan Arel claiming that the American flag is a symbol of ‘hate and racism’: (

‘all cops are terrorists.’ – Dan Arel: (

Vic Berger IV

Has a creepy obsession with Ben Shapiro, constantly attempting to take him out of context to get him kicked off Twitter. For example: (—Shapiro never claimed he took his kid into a women’s restroom, so this is a blatant lie.

Vic Berger IV calls Ben Shapiro a ‘stochastic terrorist’: (


Communist Antifa protester claims that an obsession over freedom of speech and Christmas  means that they ‘want to hurt people’, and that people should care more about people’s feelings than their rights, then later runs across a motorway without looking both ways and gets ran over:

Everything is Racist

The Daily Beast “reporter” Blake Montgomery claims that a “National Day for the Victims of Communism” is a “white nationalist talking point”: ( – tweet was deleted. (

He also tweeted that two people saying the same thing = parroting (whilst also hilariously falling for a troll campaign): (

Academic Freedom is racist: ( — because “If our university community opposes racism, sexism, and heterosexism, why should we put up with research that counters our goals simply in the name of “academic freedom”? – Harvard University feminist

Jingle Bells is Racist, according to Boston University professor: (

Halloween costumes are racist: (

‘White Flight’ is racist: (

‘Reverse White Flight’ is racist: (

Math is racist: ( (

Milk is racist: ( (

Soy Milk is racist: ( (

Aladdin is racist: (

Cold Weather is Racist:

White people selling burritos is racist: (

‘All-You-Can-Eat Taco Bars’ are racist: (

“Farmers Markets” are racist, according to two San Diego University professors: (

Emoji are racist: (

iPhone X is racist: (

The term “Obamacare” is racist:

Being against Obamacare is racist:

Many were against Obamacare back in 2011 because it’d raise healthcare prices even further, which it did: ( ( (

“Baggy pants ban” is racist: (

Avoiding eye-contact is racist, according to Oxford University: (

Does this mean that those who suffer from autism are racist?:

Science is racist and must be replaced with an “anti-science, antiracist, feminist approach to knowledge production”: (

Expecting people to show up on time is racist (also update below): (

Saying “black hole” is racist: (

Maps are racist: ( – Jonnell Robinson, Assistant Professor of Geography at Syracuse University

“American Girl” is racist: (

Apu from The Simpsons—one of the most hard-working, intelligent characters in the series—is racist: (

Banning hoodies is racist: (

The term ‘aloof’ is racist: (

Being against raising the minimum wage is racist: (

Arresting international gun-runners is racist: (

Terms like “brown bag” are racist: (

White belly-dancers are racist: (

Pick-up trucks are racist: (

Attitudes towards black dogs are racist: (

“Breaking Bad” is racist: (

Free speech is racist:

Not leaving campus because you’re white is racist: (

The American flag is racist: (

Avatar is racist: (

X is Privileged

Bitcoin is ‘By The Privileged, For The Privileged’: (

Interestingly this article also cites a blog about ‘Crypto-Patriarchy’: (


University of Yale

Yale students get offended over email telling them to just look away from people dressed in Halloween costumes they deem to be “offensive”. He later steps down after being shouted at by several students: —“It’s not about creating an intellectual space, it’s not! Do you understand that? It’s about creating a home here!” ( (

Yale grad students’ ‘hunger strike’ apparently involves eating when hungry: (

University of Berkeley

Regressive left-wing students and antifa violently protest, lighting things on fire, throwing rocks & fireworks at the campus windows, all because of Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay conservative, planning to give a speech there: (

Eric Clanton’s violence with a bike-lock happened here, see the violence section.

Cost of campus security is estimated to be $600,000 to help prevent left-wing regressive violence as Ben Shapiro speaks: ( (

Conservative groups are routinely rejected club status: (

This section is a work-in-progress as it’s a large list that needs to be formatted when I get the time.


Stupid/Racist/Sexist/Bigoted Regressive Articles & Double Standards in Media


Melissa Harris Perry

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry: Saying ‘Hard Work’ Is Bad Because It’s ‘Offensive to Slaves’:

Melissa Harris Perry on the ‘politics of black hair’:

Melissa Harris Perry wears tampons as earrings in protest of Texas abortion bill:

MSNBC Panel make fun of Mitt Romney’s adopted grandchild, because he’s black:

Karen Hunter continuously implies that people who disagree with Obama are racists:

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton struggles to read teleprompter continuously on multiple occassions:

Struggles with touchscreens too:


‘Is it OK to use black emojis and gifs?’: (

“Should I Marry My Cousin?”—BBC normalising cousin relationships: ( (

Bradford has a lot of marriages between first cousins in their Pakistani community, leading to birth defects spiking to nearly double the national average: ( (

In ‘Do Those on Top Deserve Their Success?’ a question is ‘Should we reward talent and hard work?’: ( — let’s reward mediocrity and laziness instead, that’s the best system!

Huffington Post

‘Why Some White People Don’t See White Privilege’: (—interestingly routinely quotes Peggy McIntosh as an authority on this.

‘How White People Should Write About Ferguson’: (

‘An Open Letter to My White Biz Besties’: (

‘I Sometimes Don’t Want to Be White Either’: (

‘Do Latino Businesses Pander to White Customers’: (

‘White Fragility is Racial Violence’: (

‘SNL Warns White People Won’t Be Calling The Shots For Long’: (

‘White Supremacy and Devaluation of African [Heritage] Lives’: (

‘White America, Wake The F*ck Up, The Deaths Of Alton Sterling And Philando Castile ARE Your Problem’: (

‘Irrelevant Things I Learned From White People That Increased My Social Capital’: (

‘Study Shows Most White Americans Don’t Have Close Black Friends’: (

‘11 Things White People Need to Realize About Race’: (

‘White Millenials Explain What It Means To Be White In America, And You Should Listen’: (

‘White People, If You’re Not Part of the Solution, You’re Part of the Problem’: (

‘Callused Hands: The Shrinking Working Class White Vote’: (

‘Why Does My White Church Have to Talk About Race’: (

‘31 Things White People Should Culturally Appropriate’: (

‘So-Called ‘Free Speech’ Isn’t Worth Fighting For’: ( —another gem from this article: ‘”Free speech” is too costly for the disenfranchised, and this will never change when the system in power profits from this imbalance.’—as if the “disenfranchised” are too weak to handle mean words. Thank goodness they have this white savior here to save the day. This is yet another example of bigotry of low expectations from this crowd.

Unsurprisingly, he’s a communist:

The Guardian

‘My fellow white people: if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem’: (


‘Here Are A Few Things White People Seem To Be Really Confused About’: (

‘37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018′: (

Interestingly, a member of their audience took a similar view but for black people instead. BuzzFeed only tolerates one kind of racism, how progressive:

‘21 Things White People Ruined in 2015′: (

‘17 Foods White People Have Ruined’: (

New York Times

Can My Children Be Friends With White People: (


‘Human-on-dolphin sex is not really that weird’: (

The Week

‘The Marxist case for the Nintendo Switch’: (


‘Hillary Was Wrong to Say Half of Trump’s Supporters Are Deplorable’ with the opening statement ‘Her math is too generous—they all are.’:

‘Thanking Black People Is Good, Being Better White People Is Better’: —written by the same racist who is featured quite heavily in The Root articles below.


Owned by Univision, which uses the Kinja platform. The Root is an American online magazine directed at African-Americans which publishes opinion-pieces on current issues usually with a racial tone: (

‘20 Things White People Ruined Already This Year’:

‘Straight Black Men Are the White People of Black People’:

‘They Know They Can’t Win; They Just Want Black and Brown People to Lose Too’ filed under their dedicated tag ‘white people’:

‘55 Percent of White Americans Believe Whites Face Racial Discrimination, Which Means 55 Percent of White Americans Are Really Stupid!’:

‘The Most Useless Types of White People, Ranked’:

‘White People Need to be Better People’:

‘5 Life Hacks for Black People Who Want to Leverage White Guilt to Make White People Uncomfortable at Work’:

‘We Need a Reset Button or Something for White People’:

‘Polite White People Are Useless’:

‘2017: The Year Liberal White People Reminded Us That They’re White, Too’:

‘New Orleans Saints Season Ticket Holder Sues Team Because of Anthem Kneeling, Then Drowns in Tub of Salty White Tears’:

‘Stephen Miller Somehow Only Being 32 (!!!) Is More Proof That Terrible White People Age Like Day-Old Guacamole’:

‘How to Protest Without Offending White People’:

‘We Need to Have a Conversation About White People’:

‘The Video of the Man Saving the Rabbit From the Fire Captures Everything Wrong With Whiteness in 30 Seconds’:

‘10 Not-Racist-at-All Things White People Do That Make Me Think ‘Yup, He’s Probably Racist’’:

‘Why Do So Many White People Want to Bone the American Flag?’:

‘The 10 Best Places for Black People to Escape White People When We Just Don’t Wanna See Them for a While, Ranked’:

‘Jeff Bezos Is Buying Whole Foods, Completing His Monopoly on Whiteness’:

‘The 20 Whitest Things White People Say to Black People, Ranked’:

‘For Black People Who Have to Work With White People in the Age of Trump’:

‘White People Are Weird! Why Are Y’all So Damn Weird? Can Y’all Stop Being So Damn Weird?’:

‘How to Survive in America When You’re Black and Your Hometown Is Donald Trump’s Base’:

‘For Black People Who Have to Deal With White People This Week’:

‘7 Things That Make White People Interrupt You When You’re Minding Your Own Damn Business’:

‘‘I Can’t Be Racist Because My Best Friend Is Black and Lives in the Condo I Own’ Is the Whitest Thing I’ve Ever Heard This Week’:

‘Dear 24- to 45-Year-Old White People Who Live in Urban Spaces: Why Don’t You Put Curtains and Blinds on Your Windows?’:

‘Racists, Ranked’:

This is an article which rightfully includes scum like the KKK but uses that to project their hatred onto white people, with entries like ‘10. The Salesperson Who Follows You Around the Store’, ‘8. The Person Who Has a Black Friend That They Always Reference to Prove They’re Not Racist’, ‘2. Gentrifiers’, ‘4. Nightclub Bouncers’ and ‘1. Complicit White People’.

‘The White People Are Coming! 6 Signs Your Neighborhood Is Being Gentrified’:

‘The Caucasian’s Guide to Halloween Costumes’:

‘An Open Letter From Black America to White People’s Pets’:

‘This Belly Flop Contest Into a Pool of Mayonnaise Is the Best-Ever Example of ‘That’s Some White-People Sh*t’’: